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Network Support

In today's IT Tech savvy world, majority of business use remote access for their daily operations and it is in fact a main requirement today. This is normally required for the employees, agents and their customers who login from all sorts of devices and from all possible networks which may or may not be secure. In certain cases customers even login from public systems such as cyber cafes which are more prone to risks than the trusted networks. As the demand for the remote access has increased enormously, it has become utmost important to ensure adequate security within the network as well. With changing times and advancement in technology solutions like IPsec software clients to connect users have been outdated mainly due to varied increase in the multiple applications from different kind of client devices.

AB Support Services

8-6 x 7 support services.
Remotely manage your network
Unlimited support calls via email
Remote troubleshooting and fault fixing
Advise on technical issues and changes.

AB Monitoring Services:

Includes all of AB Support Services.
Pro-active monitoring of network 24x7
Email / Phone notification of network alerts ( as per SLA )
Limited number of approved changes on network.
Limited number of incident troubleshooting.
Regular Device backup monitoring.

AB Managed Services:

Includes all of AB Support and Monitoring Services
Unlimited changes on your network
Unlimited incident troubleshooting
Unlimited access to UK based security team
Unlimited vendor management calls
Agreed support with Onsite technical experts.
Our team of qualified and certified engineer ensure hassle free IT Support by supporting your network by providing remote Platform & Device monitoring. The monitoring & portal reporting services ensures focus is laid on all device connected in the network on all the platform the systems are on that run all kinds of application, database or even website for that matter.

Our Managed Network Services include:

LAN & WAN Management   Remote Access Management
Firewall & VPN Support   Network Monitoring & Configuration
Our Services
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