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Cloud computing is a metaphor used by Technology or IT Services companies for the delivery of computing requirements as a service to a heterogeneous community of end-recipients.

What does a cloud signify?
Abstraction of technology, resources and location that are very vital in building integrated computing infrastructure (including networks, systems and applications)
Sharing of resources to achieve coherance and economies of scale similar to a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network (typically the Internet)
Entrusts services (typically centralized) with a user's data, software and computation on a published Application Programming Interface (API) over a network
Considerable overlap with Software as a Service (SaaS)

The future

The external cloud service is the future and will be of utmost importance in the Business Continuity IT plans of all corporates.

What we do?

Active Brains can offer the best services in the domain considering the fact that most of the corporates have begun to understand the effectiveness and unique features when they consider cloud computing. All services right from Infrastructure, Desktops, Servers, Storages and even Disaster Recovery services can be effectively managed here with special emphasis on cost effectiveness and optimal utilization.
Our Services
  • Active Brains have excellent resources to tackle strategic architecture issues by providing the most effective and timely solutions. A strong recommendation!
    - Real Estate Client, London
  • Thanks for the wonderful experience we had with the entire Active Brains team throughout the journey of development of our application.
    - GP from London
  • Great guys to work with!! ... True blend of technical skills and professional understanding. Good knowledge of business models and perfect communications. I rate you 10 on 10.
    - Real Estate Consultant from Nigeria
  • It has been a very enriching experience to get innovative ideas from Active Brains to automate my business spread across cities. God Bless ...
    - Super Markets Chain owner from Australia
  • I would confidently recommend Active Brains to all K-12 schools for the brilliant skills they possess to make learning so fun filled & simple. They helped us to create great value for our students & teachers too.
    - Director from Education sector at USA
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