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Market Research

Discover our range of services which help companies to deliver data and insights optimizely based on great partnership of human intelligence and innovative technologies . Our services include:

Data Collection :

Traditional Survey Programing (CAPI, CATI, CAWI and Mobile): Survey Data collected through various methodologies via online, Paper, telephone and mobile.

Our Technologies: Confirmit, Beacon, Dimensions


Data Processing :

Provide the tables/weighted tables from Quantum using ASCII Data, Card type Data, SPSS Data and Excel data.
Data clean (editing) the data customised as per requirements.
Export data from Quantum to Quanvert, Excel, and SPSS.
Provide statistical analysis, Chi square test, ANOVA etc

Our Technologies: Dimensions, Quantum, SPSS


Survey Programming:

We offer survey programming services to research clients to manage workflow and help deliver projects on time. We provide programming on leading survey platforms like – Dimensions, Confirmit and Beacon.
Our team programs surveys for a variety of sectors and industries.
We help build client libraries so that features created once can be reused in future studies to help save time and money.
We program your surveys and send files to you in a format that complies with your templates, so your team can hit the ground running.

Our Capabilities in Survey Programming:

Discrete Choice (DCM)

Max - Diff Tournament Design
Choice based Conjoints Segmentation Image Embedding
Video Embedding  Card Sort Magnifier
Slider Scales

Text Highlighter

Image Highlighter

Nested Quotas

Least Fill Logic

Priority Selection

Survey Hosting:

      With Confirmit and Beacon as our platforms, we can publish surveys and provide data collection services, as well.

      Once the platform is selected, we will report and send data to you as needed – both in field, as well as post-field. Based on
the budget, complexity and urgency we can help select a platform that delivers the best results in your timeframe.

      We co-ordinate with our Industry leading partners to provide targeted support for Panel, Data Processing and Data Analysis.

      Surveys designed for smart phones and tablets

Coding / Verbatim Management:

We analyse the data collected through survey programing sources and classify the same in the client required/readable form for further analysis. We convert raw data to intelligence.
Our products:   Adhocs, Tracking Projects, AdEvals, Copy Testing
Accelerated Coding:   We turn around tracking projects or larger volumes of data from structured surveys or through social media by using human intelligence and machine training.

Data Visualisation:

Convert raw data into visually appealing infographics. We also create KPI tables and charts

NLP/Text Analytics:

Understand and analyze the unstructured data from all the sources like emails, social media, call centers, etc. more easily and quickly by categorizing them into concepts, themes and sentiments by using natural language processing.

BI , Analytics - Big Data and Statistics ( Market Research and Mobile Behave) :

1. Multivariate Statistical Analyses
      Factor Analyses
      Cluster Analyses
      Discriminant Analyses
      Perceptual Map- Correspondence Analyses, Multidimensional Map
      Key Driver Analyses
      Regression Analyses
2. TURF analyses for MR: identifying the highest reach of "r" variants out of "n" variants
3. Slicing and Dicing of different type of data finding out the interrelationships
4. Auditing the data, checking for consistency, outlier treatment, table preparations.
5. Analyzing tracking data

Our Technologies:

SAP business objects, Hadoop, SAP HANA, SPSS, SAS and excel
Our Services
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    - Real Estate Client, London
  • Thanks for the wonderful experience we had with the entire Active Brains team throughout the journey of development of our application.
    - GP from London
  • Great guys to work with!! ... True blend of technical skills and professional understanding. Good knowledge of business models and perfect communications. I rate you 10 on 10.
    - Real Estate Consultant from Nigeria
  • It has been a very enriching experience to get innovative ideas from Active Brains to automate my business spread across cities. God Bless ...
    - Super Markets Chain owner from Australia
  • I would confidently recommend Active Brains to all K-12 schools for the brilliant skills they possess to make learning so fun filled & simple. They helped us to create great value for our students & teachers too.
    - Director from Education sector at USA
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